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One of the big mistakes many brands make is they are always going for the hard close when it comes to their online ads.

Whilst it may work, you need to put yourself in the mindset that your online ads job is to simply sell the click to your call to action.

Whether that is a click to your website, an enquiry form or your phone number.

Instead of thinking about Sell Sell Sell, take your customers through a journey, where they will get to know your brand, take them to a website where you can provide them with a lot more information then a simple picture or video, and let them sell themselves in the process.

Hussain Husaini

Hussain Husaini

Hussain Husaini is the founder of Hustle Kitchen and Flashh Deals app. A veteran marketer, and a sales and marketing consultant, with over 10 years experience in the marketing, digital and sales industry.