The only vaccine your business needs during corona to sell and market online

Forget setting up a online shop, what you need is a online eco system, find out instantly how you can have your store set up immediately with a full marketing boost

Dear Business Owner, getting a website for your online ordering is only a small ingredient to online delivery success

There are many options out there to get your business online, so you can start taking orders for your business online.

However, we know what it takes to successfully deliver a full solution to both your customers and your business.  That’s why we have put together a full turnkey solution for your business in Bahrain, to not only allow you to sell online, but to get more customers too!

We will be providing you the same technology we use, on our platform that powers hundreds of shops and thousands of customers every day.

Unlike other solutions, we are not simply selling a digital solution, we are providing our experience and expertise to give you a solution that actually works, which we use ourselves.

This isn’t just business anymore, it’s personal.

Our founder Hussain explains why he has shifted focus on the delivery industry, in order to help as many businesses as possible during these tough times.

It’s a personal mission to help local business in Bahrain, and that’s why we want to ensure to provide a solution that works and covers all elements for delivery success at the best possible price.

How to sell online succesfully

There are 5 keys to selling online successfully


Have an online selling platform

You need an easy to use website / app / platform to sell your products online

You need to be able to deliver your products quickly

Logistics is critical, customers expect to receive their products as fast as possible

The System should be easy to use by your team

You don't want a complicated system that requires a tech genius to administrate it and fulfill your orders

You need amazing customer service and communication

Problems can happen all the time, orders can go wrong, customers can have questions. You need a team to handle all the communication and customer service in the fastest time.

You need marketing and traffic to your store

Having the best website in the world, won't help you if you dont have traffic. You need as many eyeballs on your store as possible.

Book an instant online meeting, to find out exactly how this will help you

Warning:  Do you have all the ingredients to create a successful winning delivery recipe?

Before you purchase anything, check if your solution provides the following must have features for success

Online Ordering Website

Stop promoting phone numbers, get a simple to use, clean website, that focuses on what matters, getting orders on your own domain name.

Automatic Delivery & Logistics Integration

Don’t have drivers?  We connect your platform with a fleet of drivers, who charge only 1.2 BD per delivery!  And it’s automatic.

Customer Service Center

Our team monitors your orders with you, so you never miss an order again.  They will be in touch with your store and customers in case there are any issues.  It’s like having your own call center.

Market Place with over 60K users

Get listed on the flashh app for delivery with access to over 60k users! Attract new customers and leads.  And we will promote your business too.

Single Dashboard to rule them all

Any updates you do to your menu, update on the Flashh app instantly and vice versa.  Forget having multiple dashboards!

Zero Commissions on orders

Every dinar goes straight back into your pocket.  You can set up minimum orders and delivery charges too.

Built on tech that serves thousands of customers

You are getting a platform powered by the same tech that serves thousands of customers at Flashh

Constantly updated with new features

Customer apps, staff apps, business owner apps will all be available soon, you get them as we release them

Book an online demo now and start selling online within 48 hours

I already sell online on other platforms, why do I need this?

Other platforms could be charging you a commission, we charge you 0 commission. We also provide you a solution you can advertise directly, your own website, branding so your online ads are all directed at your own platform.

I don't have any drivers, how can I deliver my products with this?

We understand that you may not have drivers, thats why we have integrated our platform with logistic companies to give you access to over 100 drivers at a small flat rate of only 1.2BD per order, industry lowest pricing. This happens automatically, without needing to call them to pick up your order. If you have your own drivers it wont cost you a thing.

I already accept orders on the phone

Customers are used to buying everything online. Even if they are loyal to your brand, they still prefer to just click and collect. That's why we are providing you the alternative option they seek, so they don't go order online via 3rd party platforms that are costing you commission dollars.

How does this help with my marketing?

When you buy this solution, your shop is automatically listed on the flashh platform with access to over 60k registered users in Bahrain, and growing on a daily basis. Orders on Flashh and your own website are commission free. We are also constantly advertising on the flashh account to promote your business further. If your doing your own marketing, you also need a call to action in your online ads, which should be a website they can order from.

Less than 1BD per day

One Price Plan you can’t refuse

Godfather Package

  • Your own website
  • Listed on flashh app
  • Automatic Delivery Drivers at 1.2BD per order
  • Customer Service Center & Team
  • Live Order Monitoring
  • Your menu uploaded
  • Free domain name if you don’t have one
  • Set up included
  • Exclusive Access to our marketing group

350 BD / 1st Year

150 BD / Every Other year

Get a free 30 minute consultation to sell online now