Ferrari Real Estate and business Tour in Bahrain – Money Experience

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Be a baller whilst experiencing the best real estate investments in Bahrain in a ferrari ..

How does this work?

The Itinerary:

  1. Pick you up at 10am  in a Ferrari.
  2. Go visit the best real estate deals in Bahrain.
  3. If you want to rent, we will show you the most exclusive unlisted properties for rent.
  4. 1 pm – Lunch Time have a bite to eat at a exquisite restaurant of the month with a VIP Lunch.
  5. Continue to explore the best real estate deals in Bahrain.
  6. Have a one on one Consultation with Karan and Hussain.
  7. Talk about business opportunities in Bahrain.
  8. How to set up a business in Bahrain.
  9. Get a ride back and hopefully do business together.