2 Hour Live Consultancy

$ 350.00

Book a live consultancy session for 2 hours where we can talk through your business, marketing or sales strategies.

Once you have paid for this service, please book in your spot by visiting:

This will be a online call with me where we discuss pure solutions to any problems or challenges you are facing, without any fluff.


This is for you if:

  1. You need consultancy on your business marketing strategies.  With over 15 Years experience in this field, I can provide you live consultancy and guide you to adjust your marketing strategy, fix your marketing messaging and product offering.  If you have an in-house marketing team or an agency, I can consult them on creating the ultimate marketing blue prints and strategies that actually work, whether its digital or traditional.
  2. You need Business consultancy.  Sometimes you need a fresh perspective from the outside to point out where your business is going wrong or simply point out new opportunities to grow your business you havent considered before.
  3. Sales Coaching and Scripting.  Many businesses have the right products and services but don’t know how to sell them.  This is where we will create your sales scripts, and fix your sales strategy and process.  We can even coach your team to improve their sales and conversions.
  4. Setting up a new business or need guidance in your business in general, I can guide you through my 20 years of business experience on best approaches and suggest ideas to get you off the ground running.