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So you have a restaurant, and you want to increase your demand and marketing, what are the different options available to you to sell online in Bahrain?

Sell online with Talabat

Talabat.com was one of the first online ordering websites to go main stream in Bahrain.  With over 300 restaurants, they managed to convert a large percentage of the Bahraini population to start ordering food online in Bahrain.  Only a few years ago, the concept of online food ordering seemed foreign, and people preferred to call restaurants directly.

This has now changed dramatically, and some restaurants attribute up to 60% of their orders to websites like talabat.com

The only problem with this from a restaurant owners perspective, is that the more success they got, the higher the commission rates went, hence your cost of food goes up too.  However, since customers expect you to be online, and they provide you a larger market base, there may be the feeling of losing out if you are not on the platform.

Sell online with Carriage

Carriage were to first online platform platform in Bahrain, to provide online ordering with their own delivery service.  Focusing on logistics, and restaurants who dont want to hire drivers for their deliveries they took the market by storm, by offering delivery from restaurants which otherwise did not deliver.

They have expanded since to new markets, such as flowers and groceries.  With large fleet of drivers, they are trusted to deliver food in a timely fashion, no matter your location in Bahrain.

Again, you may have to pay a higher commission rate, but this is justified with bringing new business to your restaurant, without you investing in any logistics yourself.

It is interesting to note that both Talabat and Carriage are owned by Rocket Internet Group.

Promote your business with Flashh Deals

Flashh is a new start up in Bahrain which was launched in January 2018.  Unlike the online ordering platforms, Flashh actually brings customers to your store instead.

A Flashh deal is also controlled by time and days, which means you promote your business and provide an offer only during the times that you want customers to come to your store.

Since customers come directly to you, the commission rates are much lower in the industry.





Hussain Husaini

Hussain Husaini

Hussain Husaini is the founder of Hustle Kitchen and Flashh Deals app. A veteran marketer, and a sales and marketing consultant, with over 10 years experience in the marketing, digital and sales industry.