How a real marketing agency should grow your business in 2020 Especially during a pandemic

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Don’t Take Our Word For It

Growth Hacking Wafi Apps

Have you spent a lot of money on marketing agencies in the past without seeing anything in return other than an invoice?

You may have been promised the world and wondering why you have spent soo much money in the past to get very little results.

"Social Media they said .. build a website they said .. do sponsored ads they said .."
* Looks up furiously at the sky and raises fists in frustration ..

Social Media didn’t work?

Social media management is great for brand awareness, but will NOT dramatically improve your sales alone

Website not bringing new customers?

A website without a high value offering maybe great for saying we "exist" but is basically a waste of money

Sponsored ads had short lived effects?

You can not and should not be selling in an ad. The job of your ad is to sell a click, to later sell the product and bring the money in.

Yeah, we feel your pain. You see there is a science to attracting new prospects like a magnet and converting them to paying customers, you don’t just try some stuff, hold your breath and hope for the best.

Tell Your Story

Stop pushing offers without

telling your story

Every business is out there trying to sell their products, that is completely natural as it is your over all objective.

But what’s more important, is to explain the story behind your brand, and create real engagement with your audience.

An offer may trigger a one-off purchase of your product or service, but a story goes a long way to create loyal brand enthusiasts who will not only repeatedly purchase your products, but tell all their friends about it too.

Speak To Your Audience

Nobody cares about you, Everybody loves themselves  

Relate Your Solution To Their Problem

One of the biggest mistakes in marketing is the communication between a brand and their audience.

Brands tend to focus on themselves and their products and services.  This makes a big assumption that people either care about the brand, or they are in the market to buy right now.

You need to actually re-position your communication to be speaking to your audiences pains, desires and aspirations.

“We provide accounting services”  , “We are certified accountants with 10 years experience”

– This is an example of terrible communication.  It makes the assumption that the customer cares.

“Save money on your next audit by taking advantage of new legislation changes which you may not be aware of”

– Now that sounds better, it speaks to the customers intent.

Focus On Your Strengths

It’s not about the cheapest product or service

It’s about the best product or service at the right price

Times maybe tough and the market maybe tougher.

That doesn’t mean a price war is the way to grow your business.

Everyone is offering a discount, but what makes your product special?

“Where are your ingredients imported from?”

“How long do you spend prepping a meal?”

“Why is your Italian marble longer lasting?”

Quality differentiators are what you want your marketing to be focused, so price becomes a last priority and not the first.

Show The Right Message To The Right Customer

Technology has evolved and is here to help us

Make sure your marketing is super targeted

Marketing is about psychology and not technology.

But once you have the psychology figured out, technology has never been more advanced to help us get our message to the right audience so we are not wasting any ad money.

More importantly, we can now offer different messaging to different users, based on their psychology.

As a very basic example, instead of running a generic ad to all users as most people do, speak in a female tone of voice to females and male tone of voice to males, and run different campaigns.

Psychology is critical, because different customers respond to different triggers.

Marketing & Sales is about psychology, not just technology

We spend time to research your potential target market,  and find the “Why” in their decision to “Buy”.

The days of doing carpet bombing advertising are long gone.

You don’t want to be sending out the same message blindly to the masses.

You want to be using technology to your advantage to capitalise on the psychology of user buying behaviour.

This includes different messaging and journeys for different demographics.

Targeting and re-targeting with key messaging that commands as much attention as possible.

We craft compelling messages that creates action, whilst nurturing your customers so they don’t feel like they have been sold to.

Do you want to master the psychology of marketing?

There are actual scientific steps to take in order to run ads successfully and actually grow your business.

We have seen these steps totally ignored, even by so called “marketing agencies”.

In tough times where businesses need to survive, we are giving away our inside secrets for a limited time.

Follow our step by step process we use in our own agency for every client that we work with.

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