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In a tough market, you need to get smarter about your marketing and sales.

Regardless of the macro economic situation, if you have the right strategy in place for your specific business you can always make an impact.

But you need to figure out the exact strategy to use for your business in order to convert your marketing into sales.

Marketing a consultancy business is completely different to a retail brand.

You need to have the right marketing strategy to hit those results your looking for.

When you are marketing a consultancy business, you need to constantly be giving free advise, as you are supposed to be the expert in your industry.

You need to then have a marketing funnel set in place, in order to create an optimised lead generation strategy, to convert your cold traffic into paying clients.

Hussain Husaini

Hussain Husaini

Hussain Husaini is the founder of Hustle Kitchen and Flashh Deals app. A veteran marketer, and a sales and marketing consultant, with over 10 years experience in the marketing, digital and sales industry.