59% of business owners in Bahrain expect to close their company within the next 6 months

The Stats are in, and they are SHOCKING. COVID-19 is having a DRAMATIC impact on business in Bahrain. Take action TODAY and don't become another statistic

The Results

“You need to reach new clients and keep the cash coming in through more sales.  Cutting your marketing and revenue generating investments is like holding your breath, and hoping Corona is over when you come up for air”

Hussain Husaini

Bahrain Chamber of commerce conducts a business survey and unveils the impact of  the Corona Virus in Bahrain

A survey conducted with 1,180 business owners in Bahrain has unveiled some shocking statistics in terms of the market sentiment and forecast for the upcoming period due to the Corona Virus.

Whilst 77% of business owners expect their businesses to recover within 12 months after the end of the pandemic, that number is on the condition that they overcome the pandemic.

The numbers speak for themselves, and the facts are clear, you need to be focusing on increasing your revenue to see you through the pandemic, but we don’t want to just hope for it, we want to take action to make it happen.


Of Business owners expect their cashflow to maintain their operations for only one month


Of Business owners expect their cashflow to maintain their operations for 1 - 6 Months


Of Business owners expect their cashflow to maintain their operations for over 6 months

Of Business Owners

Expect a significant decrease in revenue in the upcoming period if the Coronavirus Lasts Longer


Of Business Owners

Expect the closure and bankruptcy of their companies in the upcoming period if the Coronavirus Lasts Longer

Download The Full Report

Download the Full report and survey conducted by the Bahrain Chamber of Commerce

Dear Business Owner,

Forget everything a marketing agency has told you, design just doesn’t matter, unless it converts to sales

Let’s face it, the reason you want to hire an agency or consultancy maybe simply to make more of an impact on the universe, raise awareness, but more then likely, to make more money!

There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to make more money, and that is why you are in business.

At the Hustle Kitchen we understand this simple fact very well, so therefore, we don’t want to waste your time, by telling you how beautiful the world is and sing Kumbaya at fireplace with you.

We understand you want results, and you want them fast.

In the tough economic client we live in, in the midst of a pandemic, the business world is becoming evolving to the survival of the fittest.

You need to be King of the Jungle

You need to be bringing in new customers and prospects, and ringing the sales bell constantly.

You need your income to outweigh your expenses, so you can power through this.

You need to invest in a solution that works.

Even if you’re surviving, you want to be thriving.

You want a return on investment, and you want it now.

Our agency focuses on just that, ringing the cash register.

We scout the internet, and convert cold traffic and prospects into warm ready to buy customers.

Imagine a world, where your potential customers come to you to give you business.

Imagine a world, where you simply focused on your core business, making a better product and provide a better service, without worrying about where the next customer would come from.

That world could be yours.

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Hussain Husaini

Founder – CEO

Explode your sales in 4 steps


We work with your team to create an offer or service that nobody can refuse


Targeted ads leading to a high converting landing page developed by us to capture new leads


Take your leads through a communication journey to convert cold traffic to warm ready to buy customers


Upskill your team with sales consulting and coaching to increase the conversion rate of those leads

Marketing & Sales is about psychology, not just technology

We spend time to research your potential target market,  and find the “Why” in their decision to “Buy”.

The days of doing carpet bombing advertising are long gone.

You don’t want to be sending out the same message blindly to the masses.

You want to be using technology to your advantage to capitalise on the psychology of user buying behaviour.

This includes different messaging and journeys for different demographics.

Targeting and re-targeting with key messaging that commands as much attention as possible.

We craft compelling messages that creates action, whilst nurturing your customers so they don’t feel like they have been sold to.

Battle Tested Strategies

Our strategies come from over 10 years of battle wounds and experience across different industries


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