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In this weeks episode of the 5 Day Business Challenge podcast, we tackle the real estate agency.

Omer A Rana and I come up with a quick 5 day plan to turn around or boost a real estate agency business in Bahrain.

Here are some quick takeaways from the podcast:

  1. Take better photos and videos of your properties you want to list.
  2. Create content around the lifestyle factor more than just the property itself.
  3. Take customer service to a new level by introducing a “pick and drop” service.
  4. Ask for referrals from everyone you meet.
  5. Become everyones friend.
  6. Consider 360 Photography for your properties.
  7. Create engaging content to get the attention of developers, to become the agent of choice.
  8. Educate your audience about investment opportunities and practicalities of purchasing.
  9. Segment your market by the demographic that will be renting / buying from you.
  10. Create different content based on the demographic, you wouldn’t list a property for a bachelor in the same context as you would for a family.
  11. Consider doing instagram and facebook live property tours, with interactive Questions and Answers.
Hussain Husaini

Hussain Husaini

Hussain Husaini is the founder of Hustle Kitchen and Flashh Deals app. A veteran marketer, and a sales and marketing consultant, with over 10 years experience in the marketing, digital and sales industry.